Jim Fine has been practicing in the area of real estate law since 1975. He has conducted residential, commercial, FHA, VA, conventional, Kentucky Housing, Fannie Mae, sales, refinance, exchanges, and closings of all types of residential development. He has worked with many of the mortgage companies and many banks in the closing arena during that period of time.

      He has always prided himself in quick-turn-around, easy-access, and full-disclosure closings, and he is particularly sensitive to the needs of lenders and realtors in securing HUD 1s at the earliest possible time for review.

      Mr. Fine has worked with the Planning & Zoning Commission, surveyors, local agencies, engineers, developers, and lenders in shopping center closings and other substantial commercial transactions, and he has been an agent with Commonwealth Land Title for fifteen years.

      Mr. Fine is knowledgeable in the real estate area and his breadth of experience lends itself to answering and responding to virtually every contingency or issue that arises in the real estate closing process. He is a member of the Real Estate Section of the Louisville Bar Association.

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