Mr.Fine offers his services in the real estate closing area. As a further convenience to clients and users of Mr. Fine's real estate closing services, Mr. Fine has for many years conducted off-site closings, whether at the lenders office, the Realtor's office, the residence of the buyer or seller, nursing homes, or other locations. He has performed closings in many rural counties and has contacts in outlying areas which help expedite non-Jefferson County work.

      Mr. Fine routinely does closings in Oldham, Shelby, and Bullit Counties, and he is willing to accommodate parties in outlying areas to their logistical satisfaction.

      Mr. Fine has a staff of capable paralegals who are able to assist in the closing process, but Mr. Fine personally closes all transactions. There are no closers used in Mr. Fine's office, and all parties are dealing with an attorney at closing.

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